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Today, agriculture comprises a vital sector of the economy in Northern Belize. Agriculture falls into two distinct groups: the export sector (mainly sugar) and the domestic sector, which provides fruit, vegetables, dairy produce and meat for the home market. Agriculture not only produces the most wealth and employs the most people, but also feeds our country. For this reason, the government tries to assist farmers by providing technical assistance, incentives, and export encouragement.

The major sectors of the economy of Northern Belize are sugar cane, livestock, logging and forestry, fisheries, tourism and the newly established free zone. Use the links below to find more information about each industry.

  • Sugar Cane - Sugar accounts for 60% of Belize agricultural exports, and in Northern Belize, cane is king.

  • Livestock - The Mennonite community supplies Belize with 90% if its poultry and eggs.

  • Logging and Forestry - The forestry industry was the basis of Belize's economy from the beginning of the colony.

  • Fisheries - Belize's main fishing fleet comes from the small northern town of Sarteneja.

  • Tourism - Tourism is the fastest growing sector of the Belizean economy.

  • Corozal Free Zone - The Free Zone Act is one of the most advanced and modern laws governing Free Zones in Belze.

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