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Qualified and experienced accommodations, tour guides and tour operators licensed by the Belize Tourism Board are available to help you enjoy your Belizean Adventure. Use the links below to find the service you need.

SERVICES > Accommodations

Accommodations in Belize range from luxury 5-star condominiums to 1 room guesthouses. We have provided a means for you to research your options through this searchable directory of accommodations in Belize.

View from Hillside B & B at Blue Creek

SERVICES > Tour Guides

Find a licensed tour guide NOW

A tour guide is a person in possession of a valid tour guide license issued by the Belize Tourism Board which authorizes him\her to conduct tours within the country of Belize. The license insures that you are guided by a trained professional.

Tour Guide at Bacalar Chico

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SERVICES > Tour Operators

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A tour operator is an individual, company or entity (including all types of hotels and tourist accommodations) that offers and manages tour packages and services within Belize. These tour services can include transportation within Belize, lodgings, meals, and guided tours in Belize by air, sea or land. Guided tours also include dive and snorkeling tours within the territorial waters of Belize. By definition a tour operator may also work with international tour individuals or companies through alliances, satellite operations, and so forth.

Tour operators at Fireburn

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